Guru has been given the first and foremost rank even before God, because he makes us aware of God and birth and rebirth to know the different layers of truth about the Universe. It is necessary to get love and affection of God for a meaningful life. The apparent problem is that in this labyrinth of the world, it is not easy to find the real Guru. Often in the name of Guru, we happen to meet fake Babas who give sermons and after losing considerable time and money, we realize that we have been cheated.

Saint Kabir once said ‘Both the greedy Guru and the disciple play their games and both sit on the stony boat to drown themselves. It is therefore important to identify real Guru, because "without Guru we can’t get knowledge’, and without knowledge, the life and the world seems dark. To come out from darkness to light, a real Guru is needed, who is able to help us to unveil the secrets of life and show the real way. Question arises “who is a true Guru, how and where to find the true Guru?.

Swami Ishwaranand says that, it is not at all difficult to find a true Guru, if you know the right meaning of religion. We know the meaning of religion by worship methods and the community gathering whereas In reality to identify God is religion. Any person who has faith in God and follows with his mind , words and work is truly a religious person. The same can be said with regard to the Guru, who is devoid of pretensions and whose words and actions are consistent. Speaking good things and by giving fiery pravachans in the form of oratory before a gathering does not make a real Guru. In our religious books, emphasis has been given on the purity of mind, speech ; deed is the greatest meditation which needs no rituals, there is no place of hypocrisy. Swami Ishwaranand says that, “ the real Guru is he, who knows God, and is able to introduce God to others”.

Mahayogi Swami Ishwaranand himself had spent many years to find the real Guru. He wandered in search of Sat Guru to many places from Badrinath to Kanyakumari, from Cuttack to Kamakhaya. Rarely , he missed any learning school and spiritual center in search of Guru. During that period he did meditation, sadhna and all rituals, but could not find knowledge which could enable him to see God in person.

The biography of Mahayogi Ishwaranand is itself interesting and strange , which not only tells his will and dedication to find the truth but exposes the fake Babas, who give sermons on knowledge and Yogis who enjoy the wordly pleasures in the ashrams by posing as nearest to God.

Mahayogi Ishwaranand ji was born in a middle class family in the Haridwar Aryanagar Jwalapur,Uttrakhand. Since his birth, a strange feeling always haunted him, to meet God, to know about God, to understand God. Someone told him that to meet God, one had to get up early morning at 4 am, take a bath in the pool and then worship in the temple. He woke up next morning at 4 am, bathed in the cold water and reached the temple. Every morning, he went to temple and said to the statue of God that he wanted to meet him, saying if God could meet Bhakt Dhruv, why not him?. After so many days of worship, he could not meet God. But seeing his curiosity and passion, some elders advised to keep fast on Monday, and nine days fast of Durga Maa, by worshipping Durga Maa, he would definitely meet HER. He went to Vaishnodevi and from there to Ambarnath to seek the blessings of Barfani Baba, but he was not satisfied.

People explained to him, that only Guru would introduce him face to face with God saying that he might have met God, but he could not recognize God, without Guru, he could not get knowledge and without knowledge, he couldn’t meet God. He thought it right, to find Guru, started his search for Gurus, but each time the search remained incomplete. Because, the Gurus gave knowledge, who God was, but would never introduce with God. His mind became more restless, he decided that if God was there, then HE would definitely meet him. And if not at all, the secret would be exposed before him. He decided to leave his home, but his parents stopped him from his mission. On his parent’s advice, he changed his decision but his curiosity to see God did not vane. After some days, his parents died, and he left his house.

He started his search from standing in the Narmada river in winter, by giving the status of mother to Narmada. In Maihar, he stood In front of Maa Sharda and insisted for HER appearance in person. On the suggestion of some Tantrik Baba, he decided to cut his tongue, and appease the deity, he could not succeed. Then he started sadhna of fire, bathed in fire, took bath in cold water in the severe winter. But Ishwaranand ji could neither see his God nor got any knowledge. He started Maun Vrat, people started calling him “Mauni Baba” , did Hath Yoga near a tree, stood under a tree for many days. People named him “Khadeshri Baba”. For a long time, he meditated at Creamation Ground near the bank of Brahmaputra River at Kamkhya and was known as “Shamshaan Wale Baba”. In this way he tried to find God with all tactics and rituals but God did not appear. He made an exhaustive study of other religions but could not get God. He knew that people were worshipping God in blind faith without seeing/ understanding HIM. Once he met one Naanga Baba, who guided him to become like him and practice mantra tantra to achieve his goal.

Ishwaranand ji had practised many suggestions as per advice of many people. Fed up with another meditation, he asked one Baba “Have you seen God”? Baba told not yet, took gaanja and was intoxicated. Ishwaranand ji was stunned and left him, and went 22 km up from Gangotri in tapovan, where he met Shimla Baba, and meditated along with him for many days in snow, but did not get peace of mind. Afterwards, he reached Nainital to meet Pindari Glacier Pilot Baba and lived with him for many days,but his mind remained upset.

He once thought deeply that, if he followed everybody, he would remain a fool the whole life, therefore it would be better to get knowledge which would take him out from the tunnel of darkness. Having convinced, he joined Arya Samaj and got admission in the Hissar University for proper education; he studied Sanskrit and Vedas, and was awarded with Vidya Ratan and Vidya Bhushan. He got more friendly with Acharya Satryapriya Shastri . and talked about his inquisitiveness with God, who advised him to get in touch with some yogi and he came to Haridwar, met Dr. Divyanand Swami , where he learnt Yog Vidya (Asann, Pranayam, Meditation). Swami Divyanand ji introduced Ishwaranand ji with Swami Sachidanand who taught to go in Samadhi . Swami Divyanand advised him to complete his education. Afterwards, Ishwarnand ji got the degrees of Vedalankar and M.A from Gurukul Kangri University. Government of India awarded him with Gold Medal which he received from the former Prime Minister, Shri Chandrashekar ji.

He tried to know God from Vedas and got guidelines from Swami Dhirendra Brahmchari, Dr. Naresh Brahmchari, Dr. Jaydev Vedalankar, Dr. Ramprasad Vedalankar, Dr. Acharya Vijay Kumar, Dr. Acharya , Dr. Mahavir, Dr. Acharya Bhagvatdutt Vedalankar , Dr. Acharya Rajesh Ji, Yoganandan Dr. Acharya Vedprakash ji, Acharya Manu Maharaj, Acharya Ishwarchandra, Vyakrnacharya, Somanand, Brahmanand, Ranjit Muni, Satyanand Ji,Yogi Rajpal, Swami Vivekanand, , Swami Shivanand, Swami Atmanand, Acharya Deshbandhu, Acharya Vishwabandhu ji and Anandswami, and started working as scholar of Vedas Swami Ishwaranand(Pataudi Wale) taught him vajroli. He kept Maun Vrat for 100 days in one corner at Patanjali Yogpith, Yogdham, Jwalapur, and recited one lakh twenty five thousand times Gyatri Mantra at the bank of Ganga, standing deep in the gushing water of the Ganges.

Then he went to Rishikesh and met Swami Yogeshwaranand and learnt the art of Samadhi. Iswaranand ji’s meetings with Neelkanth Udaseen Akhara, Jata Dhari Baba resulted in his learning Samadhi education. Swami Satyanand ji (Munger wale) taught him- Sadhna , he went to Jakar Baba Atma Ramanand Puri in Haryana to learn Khechari Mudra and Tratak vidhi.

This way, he spent his time in close proximity with different Gurus and meditated in different styles but Gods live presence could not be seen.

Swami Ishwarand ji after hearing that great man surrendered himself and accepted the reality. Suddenly, a miracle happened. Swami Ishwanand was emotionally over whelmed, he was before God and he himself said God was there, HE was always with him but he could not recognize HIM. Swami Ishwarand was ecstatic beyond words with such feeling which he was getting for the first time. He knew the meaning of real God, joyful tears flowed from his eyes, his heart was too happy. Ishwaranand ji achieved the goal that day.

Swami Ishwarnand ji is now trying to solve the problems of human beings whether it is mental, physical, financial, economic, reiki, yog, pranayam and medical with the help of herbal roots and last but not the least freeing people from all problems….