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Since the beginning of civilization, Bharat our India has remained the centre of devotion for gurus and saints. It gave a boost to the tradition of Guru and Disciple. Mahayogi Swami Ishwaranand is a strong link of this age long tradition. A scholar of yoga education he is a research philosopher of religious books of Vedic / Sanatan. On one side, he is a simple and humble person, on the other side a staunch saint and knows the secrets of the soul beyond the body and above all a true healer, who helps in getting freedom from the various incurable illnesses and curses. He neither gives ritualistic preachings citing the name of God nor spreads blind faith based on the religion. A strong willedp Swami, he has seen God in person, therefore he preaches to attain happy physical, mental, spiritual life and guide the path to reach the only truth i.e. God….

Do you have Problems?

  • 1. Physical
  • 2. Mental
  • 3. Financial
  • 4. Relation

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